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How to sell MDM ( Mobile Device Management )

Mobile device management is software to be able to manage a fleet of mobiile devices used by your workforce for security, monitoring and deployment. Mobile devices can be provided by a company or BYOD ( Bring your own Device ) is used where people use their existing devices.

Some example MDM products we use and support at Response IT : 

  •  Office 365 Mobile device management 
  •  Vmware airwatch
  •  Mobile Iron
  •  Blackberry Enterprise server

What does and doesn’t work in a communications plan to get users to enroll in an MDM? 

Are there incentives you have used that have helped to get user buy in to enrollment?=

What types of communications have been most effective?

See some below reasons why Users should enroll in company MDM Platforms : 

  • Full Vision of Polices applied to devices to the User 
  • Users get a VPN back to work to access work Files 
  • Users get Work Email for working outside and on the way to the office
  • Restricting limits such as Data useage and Apps to save shock personal bills
  • MDM platforms actually can reduce bandwidth bills
  • MDM can Automatically manage patching for you , weather it being forcing a security fix or stopping one
  • Compliance, having your own device is fine , however we need to make sure we meet out statatutory obligations to protect company data
  • Back out plan ( Easy to remove policys )
  • Easy Location of Device
  • Support of Device

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template (DRP) / Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

As Wikipedia put it a  Disaster Recovery Plan is

a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Such a plan, ordinarily documented in written form, specifies procedures an organization is to follow in the event of a disaster.

As Wikipedia put its a Business Continuity Plan is

the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company.


Disaster Recovery Plans should be oriented towards business recovery following a disaster, and mitigating the negative consequences of a disaster. In contrast, Business Continuity Plans focus on creating a plan of action that focuses on preventing the negative consequences of a disaster from occurring at all.

Business Continuity Plan

You should identify any potential risks and threats facing the company and the likely hood of them happening. Then you should list the likely hood of these effecting the company in what ways e.g. Loss of Sales , Fines and loss of customers

Disaster Recovery Plan

Some questions that should be put forward are

1) Is my Data covered in the event of a Diaster , can I recover?

2) What is my current recovery time in regards to services and 100% Business Availability

The cloud helps business' keep their data offsite usually in well-equipped data centers that are also replicated between different data centers to cover a natural disaster affecting their service. However customers should always operate the 3 level backup model and use methods to be able to make sure they can export and backup their cloud data.

Here's a link to a predefined template which can be filled out and actioned by a company and their IT Provider

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New "GoldenEye" Ransomware installed via Job Resumes/C.V.

There is a new ransomware out nickednamed "GoldenEye" like the movie, which is targeting HR Managers through fake Job interview application attachements.

The attackers are also targetting Recruitment companies and HR Consultants.

It uses existing specific exploits in existing Microsoft files such as .doc / .xls to run macros which install the virus

How to stop yourself getting infected?

Please see our article here about steps to prevent infections

I am already infected...

Please contact us today as there might be some methods to retrieve your data 

IT Support infographic on UK Business' IT Outages

We've read the results of a recent survey on Internet problems with UK business and we thought we would share the results with you in an easy to see infographic with some of our stats! Please click for a larger version