How to sell MDM ( Mobile Device Management )

Mobile device management is software to be able to manage a fleet of mobiile devices used by your workforce for security, monitoring and deployment. Mobile devices can be provided by a company or BYOD ( Bring your own Device ) is used where people use their existing devices.

Some example MDM products we use and support at Response IT : 

  •  Office 365 Mobile device management 
  •  Vmware airwatch
  •  Mobile Iron
  •  Blackberry Enterprise server

What does and doesn’t work in a communications plan to get users to enroll in an MDM? 

Are there incentives you have used that have helped to get user buy in to enrollment?=

What types of communications have been most effective?

See some below reasons why Users should enroll in company MDM Platforms : 

  • Full Vision of Polices applied to devices to the User 
  • Users get a VPN back to work to access work Files 
  • Users get Work Email for working outside and on the way to the office
  • Restricting limits such as Data useage and Apps to save shock personal bills
  • MDM platforms actually can reduce bandwidth bills
  • MDM can Automatically manage patching for you , weather it being forcing a security fix or stopping one
  • Compliance, having your own device is fine , however we need to make sure we meet out statatutory obligations to protect company data
  • Back out plan ( Easy to remove policys )
  • Easy Location of Device
  • Support of Device

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