What is Minecraft: Education Edition and how could it benefit your School?

N.B. : Rember Windows 10 is a requirement, with the new Microsoft Education Licenses schools will get this now with their 365 Plan , however, will need to plan the Upgrade path !

How is it different from normal Minecraft?

Classroom Mode is a companion app for Minecraft: Education Edition that enables educators to manage world settings, communicate with students, give items and teleport students in the Minecraft world. For videos and extensive documentation on Classroom Mode, head to our full set of training materials.


Code Connection is an extension (released on May 22, 2017) that allows educators and students to explore, create, and play in an immersive Minecraft world – all by writing code. Head here to a training that answers all your questions, and get in touch with support if you need further assistance.

Begin your Minecraft journey with these easy steps.