How does your business continue without Email?

Most of our customers have been migrated to Office 365 , however, we still have some customers who want on-premise Exchange due to a few reasons such as below

1) Bad Internet Availability - Due to location their internet speed would not cope with cloud hosting

2) Regulatory compliance and obligation - Government agencies proving their data is on UK Soil and equipment ) 

3) Their CMS app can only use Exchange Online mode - Mainly Law companies

As their email is host locally the issue is what happens when a server or internet connection goes down? Unlike a cloud service such as 365 , your email is only hosted in a single location. Email is usually is stored with your Spam filter provider until the server or internet comes back , but how can your organization still work in the event of this ? 

Introducing the Mimecast Personal Portal


Users not in the event of a internet or server failure can now get to another internet connection E.g. Phone Hot Spot or home internet and send and recieve email from a Webmail type interface until the problem is resolved.

  • Instant failover and failback  reduces RPO & RTO for email to near zero.
  • Uninterrupted access to all live and historic email and calendarinformation from everyday applications and devices to keep business moving
  • 100% service availability SLA delivered from the highly secure Mimecast cloud
  • Access to email through Outlook for Windows, a native app for Mac users and a full suite of mobile apps means employees can carry on receiving and sending email as if the primary email system was performing normally.