Why should your firm move to a Self hosted 3CX Phone System?

1) Cost

Cost always plays an important part in project implementations as well as project takeup. 3CX is a VOIP platform which utilizes your existing server infrastructure to setup a software based PBX which means minimal setup costs. A VOIP platform also uses something called a SIP provider who provide significantly cheaper international and domestic call costs and routing saving you money on your calls. The SIP provider is totally transparent to the platform so when new SIP deals are found you can move without effecting your dial in number which means you are no longer tied to providers or contracts. Handsets can also be chosen depending on the roles of users , for example, a receptionist can utilize a multi switchboard phone provided by Cisco, the Managing Directory and utilize a 20 button Grandview GXP2170 LCD Display and the mailroom can use a basic mobile DP720 phone on the same system.

2) Great for office moves

ISDN and Analgue phone systems not only need their own cabling per handset but the main lines coming into the premises are also hard to migrate between buildings/office. They also usually come at a high cost from the provider. By switching your phone system to a VOIP provider you just have to worry about getting the internet installed and VOIP handsets can utilise the cabling you use for each computer connection minimising the cable runs needed for each desk

3) Management

Instead of old phone systems utilizing command line interfaces for Name changes and call diversions , 3CX can be configured through your web browser which means the administration of your phone system can be done by anyone in the office speeding up changes and reducing administration costs.

4) Growth

Again with Older phone systems adding more phones and users usually require the purchase of more licenses and hardware cards. Sometimes these cards will be needed to be bought per X number of users making a single user addition expensive. 3CX is a software server that can run on your existing server environment and resources can be increased where needed. Older systems will usually need more lines to be installed for concurrent inbound and outbound calls. As this is all managed by the SIP provider this can be increased at the flick of a button.

5) Flexibility 

VOIP systems can have roaming handsets , where users can float to different desks when needed and sign into their colleague;'s phone with their extension. For mobile workers , the phone can also be taken home , or additional phones setup in home offices which will result in free calls between the office and home with presence just like they are in the office.