Why Webroot SecureAnywhere is the best Antivirus for your business?

We have been moving our customers onto a great new Antivirus called Webroot and we want to let you know why!

The install and performance.

Webroot installer is under 5mb! It easily takes under 5 minutes to install and can be scripted automatically. This means less user interaction and less wasted time. It doesn't need to perform full system scans that standard antivirus usually performs and uses clever live scanning to check executable behavior patterns with an online database of known virus infections to analyze on the fly if it needs to terminate a process. This online database means the installer never needs to download definition updates saving your internet connection and local PC Storage.

You might be asking what if the machine is disconnected from the internet and gets a virus offline? If webroot detects something wrong and it can't check the online database it will set a restore point and allow the change to occur until next time it gets back on the internet. You can then use this restore point to undo all the virus actions when you are next online.

The Management Server is in the cloud

This means you no longer have to purchase and have an on-premise Antivirus server hosting your policies and updates which means less cost for you, and saving your server hardware for your inhouse applications. We have custom policies we deploy to each client that have been tailored to Microsoft Exchange and Fileservers. We also get notified of any infections faster so we can act faster to mitigate any spreading. We can also deploy updates and policies to home users through the internet without them needing to be connected to the company network.

We have tested this software inhouse, by trying to infect it with strains of Cryptolocker we have found on the internet in a sandboxed environment and it defeated each one. The race against malware is a long running one and that's why company should also have a proper IT Support Backup Solution in place to compliment Firewalls and Antivirus.

Response IT are a Webroot partner so please feel free to get in touch to provide a quote