New Wifi Standard - 802.11ax (also known as Wi-Fi 6)

4.8Gbps of blistering fast Wi-Fi


This emerging standard delivers greater throughput (up to 25% faster), efficiency, and battery life. The technology in Wi-Fi 6 makes it easier to design an efficient wireless network, especially in high density environments.

Security WPA3 eliminates unencrypted wireless traffic between compatible devices. Even with an open access point where you don't have to enter a password the connection between the AP and client is automatically fully encrypted with a per-client key, essentially eliminating the risk of even http traffic being sniffed.

Previous Wifi's and Their Names

802.11b is now Wi-Fi 1

802.11a is now Wi-Fi 2

802.11g is now Wi-Fi 3

802.11n is now Wi-Fi 4

802.11ac is now Wi-Fi 5

802.11ax is Wi-Fi 6

Technically, Wi-Fi 6 will have a single-user data rate that is 37% faster than 802.11ac, but what's more significant is that the updated specification will offer four times the throughput per user in crowded environments, as well as better power efficiency which should translate to a boost in device battery life so also great for Mobile Devices

Meraki have released some models

MR45 and MR55 are now out https://meraki.cisco.com/products/wireless#models