usb monitoring for business

Is USB a Risk or a Benefit now to Small Business'?

With the recent introduction of a 5$ device reported by the BBC socalled "Poison Tap" which can be used to steal all Web Browser Passwords with Cookies in the matter of seconds, is the invention of USB a benefit or hindrance on business' now?

The risk of Data loss for business with removable media has always been a risk, since CD Copying drives were cheap enough to install on all desktops. This could be restricted with not installing a CD copying app back in the day and also copying company data at 600mb at a time using a 32x Speed writer blaring across the office wasn't the easiest way to go unnoticed!

Plug and play was a great new way for devices to plug in and go with windows without the need for manual driver installation and setting up devices. This technology meant users could even install Printers themselves! Now with the invention and scaling of flash storage, Finger sized USB's sticks getting above 256GB copied over USB3 at 300MB/s the risk is more apparent of data loss using this great technology.

Software is available for business' to start logging and monitoring items being copied over USB now which can be apparently often with people leaving firms decide to copy confidential company property and previous work owned by the company. This information is invaluable for any company seeking legal action against a company or individual.

Some companies have choosen an all out policy to save money which restricts USB ports on the computer entirely, much to the dismay of the workforce who want to keep their smart phones charged using the front USB ports! 

With the new threat now of USB sticks emulating Network adapters stealing password via network traffic, new systems will have to be put in place now to require user intervention when installing USB Devices!