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Meraki now introducing Video Camera's to their great portfolio

Response IT are a big believer in Meraki brand, the way it's simple, stable and most easy to manage. We are really excited to know they have now added Video Camera's to their portfolio.

Having helped setup existing customers with security solutions for their Offices, DataCenter and remote sites we bundle this into out wide offerings of services.

Dream of eliminating servers and video recorders? Looking to spend less time on complex security camera deployments and maintenance? Look no further. 

Cisco Meraki is bringing the magic of Meraki cloud management to MV Security Cameras. Like all Meraki products, MV cameras provide zero-touch provisioning, allowing IT admins to add a serial number to the dashboard and begin configuring before hardware even arrives on site. 

On top of that, MV security cameras feature:

  • intelligent motion indexing with search engine
  • ability to export and share historical video
  • secure encrypted control architecture
  • video walls with up to 12 cameras per layout
  • remote monitoring and troubleshooting from anywhere in the world