Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection VS Mimecast M2A License

Recently we looked at why someone might choose 365 Advanced Threat Protection vs Mimecasts Spam Protection

A table of some of the added Features Mimecast can give you over Office 365 with ATP

POLICY 365 with Advanced Threat Protection 365 with Mimecast M2A
Impersontation Protection
Spam Filtering
URL ReWrite / Safelinks ✓ Uses AI to scan webpage for malicous content
Archive ✓ 7 second search SLA
Email Continuity ✓ ( C1 Product )
Signature Software
Disclaimer Software
Attachment sandboxing ✓ ( SLA for Speed )
Safe File Conversion
Email encryption



Mimecast adds the following security protection

  • Safe File conversion ( ability to convert Office and PDF files to a safe file format for immediate delivery to employees )

  • Email Continuity ( a service so employees can still send and recieve email with Calendar in the case of an office 365 outage )

Mimecast adds the following functionality

  • Signature software - to Tag signatures on all employee emails

  • Mimecast had an Outlook add In , so users get notified in real time and can release quarantine items using this instead of waiting for a scheduled Quartine Email ( which cannot be customised like it can be in Mimecast )

There is some talk about 365 Attachment Sandboxing adding 5 minute delays , this really depends on the attachment size etc , however Mimecast have an SLA on this sandboxing unlike 365

I'd also add that Mimecast's Technical support and help is much better than 365!