Toshiba CIX Phone System Approved Resellers and Installers ( Perfect for Small Business )

We are pleased to announce Response IT as an approved Toshiba Phone System authorized dealer and Installer. We can provide the following systems :

Strata CIX40 for 1 - 26 Users

** Strata CIX100 for 1 - 72 Users ** Most installed System

Strata CIX200 for 1 - 160 Users

Strata CIX670 for 36-560 Users

Not only do we guarantee the Warranty of the system ourselves , but your Response IT contract hours will cover the maintenance of the phone system as well providing great value and a one stop shop for Telecoms and Computer Maintenance

Our Strata CIX communication platforms are complemented by a portfolio of elegant and classically styled IP and digital featurephones and operator positions. Easy-to-use, they require minimal user training and are robust and reliable to ensure maximum business continuity.

Within our portfolio we have a wide choice of featurephones to meet your specific requirements, including a low-cost entry-level digital option, through to the most sophisticated large display IP featurephone. You can therefore select the most appropriate featurephones for the individual requirements of your users, increasing office efficiency in a variety of ways.

Our featurephones provide fixed buttons for message retrieval, redial, conference, transfer, hold and volume control, as well as microphone and speaker. In addition to the 800 system speed dials provided by Strata CIX, our featurephones also offer 100 personal speed dials, and a common feature set to ensure that your users have the functionality they need, regardless of their location. User productivity features include easy identification of who is on the phone or available through red/green Busy Lamp Field (BLF) indication, on-screen directory dialling, and flexible one-touch keys for regularly used functions.