Why Use a Managed Firewall Service?

We have had a few organisations with internal IT outsource the management of their Firewall and sometimes networking for us to they can concentrate on other aspects of the business. We usually arrange for a Site Networking Assesment were we come in and document ( if not already documented ) and provide some recommendations if nessesary on projects to get the network in a stable state.

Some reasons people outsource networking to us are as follows : 

Flat Rate

A managed firewall service gives you a flat monthly fee of managing each one of your firewalls or switching in regards to Monitoring , Security Updates and changes. This means you don't have any shock bills to worry about. 


Our inhouse Networking gurus live and breath 1's and 0's flying across networks. We have notifications setup for the latest malware trends and 0 Day exploits currently beaing released on the internet and the patches to resolve them. Stay on top of patch levels from manufactures such as Cisco, Juniper, HP and Fortigate saving you the hassle. We also provide internal change control's to make sure each update gets installed without a hitch.


Our monitoring speaks to your router using various technologies such as SNMP , SSH and HTTP's to make sure we are getting the latest CPU and Memory load as well as making sure your bandwidth is not being over utilisted. If any of these are true we contact you about either performing QoS on your network or upgrading your Firewall/Connection to make sure your business is not disrupted.