Azure Files Sync .. the new DFS-R?

Microsoft is announcing Azure File Sync a solution for customers who currently use DFS-R to share files between their multi site servers to leverage the cloud in enabling a cloud base file share and storage. Available for Supported OS for File Sync: WS2012 R2 and WS2016

Customers still use file shares due to 

  • App Compatibility 

  • Performance and training compared to Sharepoint and One Dirve for business

Why its good


  • Now with Azure File Sync , if a site file server fails , you just need spin a new box up and sync directly from the cloud without worrying about saturating two Internet Connections
  • Backups now done directly in the cloud instead of worrying about onsite. This means you can take snapshots during the day without effecting onpremise file access
  • Work Folders over HTTPS work per Normal
  • Permissions are still the same
  • Does not use outdated technology such as DFS-R it Microsoft Sync Framework that is around for over 5 years and is used by SQL Server
  • You can export all your company files using an offsite backup 100TB disk. Currently supports files up to 1tb each and 30 Million File count
  • Azure Backup is Azure Files Sync aware.


  • AD integration and ACLs
  • Larger shares (~100 TB instead of 5 TB)
  • Azure file sync GA
  • Cross region sync of storage
  • ZRS – sync writes across three availability zones