Windows Server 2008 R2

Wow are we excited about this new server 2008 version! After much testing in house, as soon as Windows 7 was released, we have been giving it the green light and rolling it out to customers sites. So far the feedback is better than expected with customers straight away, wanting to change the whole office into Windows 7! With Windows 2008 Server R2 being based on the same Windows NT 6.1 core, it can only mean one thing!

So what does Windows Server 2008 R2 mean for you as a customer?

Direct Access

We are big believers of Outlook over HTTP! There is nothing easier, when a mobile worker can just connect to an internet connection and open outlook straight off to receive emails securely. For some countries who block VPN due to web censoring , this sometimes is the only way! Direct Access brings this technology to everything else you connect to the server with , mainly file access. This means no more VPN's , which means direct out the box file access and secure authentication with Windows 7

Terminal Server

Service 2008 R2 handling of remote sessions is getting better than ever. Not only can it stream live Windows Media Player through the connection , you can also record audio off a remote desktop connection! The same technology enables utilisation of the Windows Aero Theme through RDP enabling a seamless RDP Intergration with the users Desktop. It also supports Dual Monitors for the first time with Windows 7 andRDP 7

Branch Office Cache

If you are like many of our customers , then you might have different branches your workforce work from. The need to collaborate files can always seem slow as they are based out of a main office usually with only a 2mb leased line. Thanks to Branch Office Cache, files that are accessed once from a branch office , will be cached on the server, so the next time the file needs to be accessed again , it will be instant. This caching can cache HTTP (e.g. Sharepoint) or SMB ( Normal File Access )