Welcome to the 21st Century Network!

At Response-IT we are proud to be announcing the automatic migration of all our it support customers to BT's 21st Century Network ( 21CN ) for Free!

How Will I Benefit from 21CN?

At the moment most business lines utilise ADSL1 Technology which has a maximum throughput of 8mb Down and around 0.5mb Up. The 21CN roll-out utilises ADSL2+ technology increasing your maximum speed to 24mb Down and up to 1.3mb up.

How fast will these new services be?

The new services will provide download speeds of "up to 20Mbps" and upload speeds of "up to 1Mbps". The speed you can expect to receive will depend on the following factors:

1. The distance you are from the local BT exchange

2. The quality of wiring from the BT exchange to your premises

3. The internal wiring within your premises and interference with any other electrical equipment within your premises

Customers less than 3km from the local BT exchange will see the biggest improvement in speeds.  (It is estimated that the average download speed will increase by 35%.)

You Can Find out how far you are from your telephone exchange here : http://www.samknows.com/broadband/search.php

What will change to my Service?

Nothing , you are still with our normal SLA's

* 1 working hour fault response time

* 20 working hour fault resolution time

* 1 month minimum contract

* Fast Provisioning

Let Us Know If We can Help you join this network!