virtual system administrator

Your companies own Virtual System/Network Administrator

As wikipedia puts it :

A network administrator is the person designated in an organization whose responsibility includes maintaining computer infrastructures with emphasis on networking. Responsibilities may vary between organizations, but on-site servers, software-network interactions as well as network integrity/resilience are the key areas of focus.

A network administrator will usually have a full time day of standard tasks like :

  • Checking monitoring for alerts

  • Checking backups have succeeded and running test restores

  • Checking a companies internet and network connections

  • Helping the help desk with any 1st Line Support calls that need escalating

  • Working on new IT projects to implement new Software/Hardware/Services

  • Checking IT Security

A small to medium business’ utilization of a Network or System Administrator however probably won’t keep them busy enough for the whole day. A good System Administrator will have scripts for most of these tasks and only get notified on failure and resolve adhoc!

Being a Network Administrator myself, it is too often that a business will then ask the Network Administrator to fulfill other tasks such as 1st Line Help Desk , roles that he would have been previously promoted from.

The solution ….. Rent a network Administrator , or rent a few network administrators giving you extra redundancy like your servers.

Response IT provider Virtual System and Network Administrators for business in Surrey and London ( so we can visit site as and when we need to ) who are only a phone call away. They can help out Ad Hoc Support with issues your current helpdesk are having issues with , or can be brought in for issues or normal maintenance.

All the tasks bulled pointed can be automatically scheduled every week and reported on back to you.