Windows Server 2019 - Whats new!

There are three Versions :


Storage Migration Service


Admin selects nodes to migrate, Storage Migration Service orchestrator node interrogates their storage, networking, security, SMB share settings, and data to migrate


Admin creates pairings of source and destinations from that inventory list, decides what data to transfer and performs one more or transfers


The admin assigns the source networks to the destinations and the new servers take over the identity of the old servers. The old servers enter a maintenance state where they are unavailable to users and applications for later decommissioning while the new servers use the subsumed identities to carry on all duties.

 Migrate files from Server 2003 and up!

System Insights


Add Azure Network Adapter Directory to Server 2019


Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop v6.5 End-Of-Life

The new step forward for anyone currently using Citrix XenApp and or XenDesktop v6.5 the Upgrade path is Citrix Version 7.14 or maybe migration to another product altogether such as Citrix in VDI per below or Microsoft Terminal Server.


  • Do you need help identifying if your applications are supported in either of these setups?
  • Are you wary of security of the cloud and Azure?
  • Benefits of Citrix 7.14 and changes for your IT Team support?

If any of these questions are going through your head , please contact us today so we can guide you in the right direction

WARNING : 0 DAY 2003 Windows Security Bug Found



There has been a security bug found in Server 2003 linked to the IIS Web Server. This server is out of support with Microsoft so a fix will not be produced by them in the long run.

Recommendations will be to remove this server from any public IP you have especially on port 80 and upgrade to a newer version of windows ASAP!


Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

The Start menu is back - We've missed you , and so have our customers. Classic Start is a default install for customers with 8.1 installed, however Microsoft have listened to the users and brought this back! 

Inbuilt upgrader from Windows 7 just works - Not much explaining here , Microsoft has come along way since the Vista days of the updater breaking a load of Apps and Drivers. You are warned before of programs that might have issues and are made to uninstall these before update.

Stable - We've skipped a release (8.1) , Check below, Microsoft usually skips a good OS per release

  • WIndows 2000  :)
  • Windows ME :(
  • Windows XP :)
  • Windows Vista :(
  • Windows 7 :)
  • Windows 8.1 :(
  • Windows 10 :)

Built for touch - Like 8.1 Microsoft are making the User interface easy so this can be used on your Surface Tablet, Phone and Laptop with Touch Screen easily. Also Microsoft Office finally works with touch! 

Buil in Apps and App Store - Adobe Reader Client, Maps , Media player , Mail and Photo Viewer all included in the operating system and there's a store to find new applications without the risk of running into Virus on internet fake stores!

Built for Cloud - Small business now can use an Active Directory account linked to their Email Address for management without needing an on-premise server

Updates Slipstreamed - Microsoft is continuing to release new updates on a daily basis. That means instead of waiting to release new features through a service pack or major release, 


Free - It's was a Free Update util 2016 July for a whole year as long as your current license of windows is Valid. This link still might help you https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade