Two top reasons to migrate to Windows 10

No New Processor Support

Intel's new 7th generation of i series chip, Kaby Lake will officially be supported only by the company’s flagship Windows 10 OS. Intel also appeared to be on board with Redmond’s decision, saying it

“will not be updating Win 7/8 drivers for 7th Gen Intel Core per Microsoft’s support policy change.”

AMD is also on the same bandwagon

"To achieve the highest confidence in the performance of our AMD Ryzen desktop processors (formerly code-named ‘Summit Ridge’), AMD validated them across two different OS generations, Windows 7 and 10,” AMD said in a statement in response to a question from PCWorld. “However, only support and drivers for Windows 10 will be provided in AMD Ryzen desktop processor production parts.”

You cannot buy Windows 7 or 8.1 anymore

As of October 31st 2016 Microsoft Ended the sale of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 pre installed on Machines. Any new purchase of Hardware will now land your enviroment in a mixed version of Windows making it harder to : 

  • Create a standard SoE across your enviroment
  • Creat User training as this will need to be duplicated across two Operating Systems
  • Testing Company Applications 


There are multiple ways to roll out Windows 10 across your organisation such as Microsoft Deployment Tool , Image X and or Acronis True Image. Speak to Response IT today about solutions and time lines of a Windows 10 Deployment!