macbook pro

The new Apple MacBook Pro


Now I have never really been a "fan" of Apple Macs, and up until recently this was due basically to ignorance and lack of exposure to them.

Things have changed!

Since the iPod and iPhone revolution, Macs are are finally getting the attention they deserve. With friends and relatives making the decision to give a Mac a go, it has made me even more aware of just how good they are.

To build up my knowledge, I have spent some time reviewing the tutorials on . I recommend you visit these no nonsense, straight forward talking tutorials.

Wow! Why did I not do it earlier! I had never appreciated how simple and powerful the Mac system is. The desktop is intuitive and the features such as Time Machine, Spotlight, Expose, Coverflow View....

Now I am not a true convert, as I have yet to get my own Mac, but one day soon I may well take the plunge!