it support travel agents

IT Support Travel Agents

Travel Companies such as Travel Agents, Tour Operators or tourist centres need access to the fastest internet to scour Holiday Booking sites or access airline checkin Systems and check availability. Not being able to access a site at a certain time such as a ticket site could lose existing business so the reliability of the provider and failback options should always be looked at.


Travel Agents also need to store previous , pending and future clients details with agenda's and be able to send the clients these all in a printable PDF Format. We can setup systems to prove a client has read each email or downloaded tickets to have a audit in case of any documents have been lost.

Customisable databases with all the above details can be created to suit each client with enough security to protect from a data breach.

We have helped our Travel Clients create booking forms on their websites for their clients to send through details of Exhibitions and Stands for their events which go straight into their booking database

Phone System

Calling abroad future, overseas or existing clients can stack up expensive bills for travel companies. VoiP makes the cost of this much cheaper and also provides portibility for remote workers to have a follow me phone which means they can answer calls if people are out of the office.


As travel is the main worktype of people who work in travel , we host can host all infrastucture in the cloud so whevere they are in the world they always have speedy uniterupted access