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DaaS - Device as a Service

You may have heard of SaaS solutions - Software as a service such as Salesforce and other cloud based Applications. This technology changed the dynamic of companies purchasing software from a single point of purchase such as Microsoft Office for 300GBP per user license , to a subscription service at 10GBP / Month / User.

Hardware providers are now offering the same based subscription model for companies IT hardware. This matches the way that most consumers will purchase their mobile phones for their Mobile Carrier currently to a larger purchase model

Its not just a single device purchase you get over a 3 year period , you also get :

  • The physical Equipment with the latest operating system and Software Add ons as required.

  • Configuration and Deployment - They can be pre-enrolled in Intune or have an image deployed before arriving to site.

  • Support - Hardware and Software support is provided by the manufacturer for any fault/issues.

  • Asset Recovery - Secure Data wiping and recycling old hardware


Cash Flow

This now enables organisations to be more flexible with on boarding new users by presenting a lower TCO ( Total Cost Ownership) per user. Like adding new licenses in a SaaS software portal , users can be added and reduced without having to worry about obsoleted wasted hardware.

Support and IT Benefits

This enables your workforce to maintain a 3 year hardware refresh cycle which means they get up-to-date hardware for better productivity and support with repairs. It also takes less strain off your IT Team repairing outdated or supported hardware and software


We partner with supplies ( e.g. Lenovo and HP ) who offer DaaS ( Device as a Service ) woldwide which means where ever users are around the world they get supported and hardware refreshed, without having to worry about maintaining warranties and support from a companies head office