deep secure

How much is your company data worth .... around £250

Deep Secure, which today published its ‘What is the Price of Loyalty’ report.

If found that 15% of all UK employees would hand over corporate information for £1,000. This includes confidential market and sales information, as well as details about colleagues and customers.

Deep Secure found that 10% of Workers said they’d sell intellectual property, like product information and program source code, for £250 or less.

It also finds that 59 percent of office workers claimed to have already taken sensitive information from their workplaces without proper authorization.

Some 12 percent of those who admitted exfiltrating data from their workplaces said it was to keep a record of their work. The same amount of people said they took data from their job in order to help them in a future role.

How do you stop this?

Some of the main methods of getting data out a company are listed below and how to stop these :


Very easy to forward work home using this service to a personal address. With Data Loss Prevention in your email service you can actually monitor and restrict sensitive information leaving your organisation

You can also tag documents with AIP so that can’t be shared easily

External Services such as Dropbox

Users who use Shadow IT because their current organisation doesn’t let them remote work, means that free services such as dropbox gets used to hold company data on Personal Accounts removing any security over the file. Firewall policies can be enabled so websites such as Dropbox have to use a company email to login which still means the company retains a hold on the data


Inserting a USB and copying data is a very fast way for employees to copy company data. You can actually restrict USB storage devices from your computer via a policy and only enable this ( but also Log ) any file copies