Desktop and Server Offsite Cloud Backup

Customers new or existing should always have two layers of backup protection

The first layer is always an onsite copy of company data which allows for a speedy overnight backup to local disk over a high-speed network which gives you the value of speedy restores of large data chunks if needed ( e.g. a Ransomware attack ) 

The next layer of backup is to always have an offsite backup, so in the event of a disaster such as a building fire, theft or flooding, the servers could be fully restored when the backups are brought back to the new site with replacement hardware. Around 5 years ago when the average internet upload was around 1mb/s transferring 0.41 Gig / Hour, and cloud storage was more expensive , our customers utilised offsite copies using Tapes and Hard Drives.

However now thanks to new Fibre connections to UK Business which can delivery 100mb UP and Down, with unlimited plans, the offsite backup can now go straight to the cloud instead of worrying about the administration of changing Tapes and failure of External Hard Drives due to lots of motion.

At Response IT we utilize two main Cloud Services to provide our customers with always on restores and limit the administration of backups.

Veaam Cloud Connect for Virtual Backups

  • Integrates into VMware and existing Veeam Infrastructure
  • Item Level restores of Applications such as Exchange, SQL and Active Directory and Individual Files
  • Restore whole virtual machines ( If a virus hits a server you can restore everything in a short space of time without hunting down the infected files )
  • Automated Restore tests ( Servers get booted up weekly automatically to check everything is working as expected )
  • Inbuilt Encryption and Compression

CrashPlan for Desktop and Physical server Backups

  • File Level Block by Block copies which backs up data as soon as you change it. This gives long 30 day restores from a self managed web interface
  • Backs up Remote User laptops straight to the cloud without them needing to be in the office
  • Weekly Reports straight to site managers to check what's been backed up and what hasn't
  • License included in the CrashPlan Backup Subscription
  • Inbuilt Encryption and Compression

Both of these services utilize Datacenters with Gigabit internet connections with the availability of getting data copied to Hard drives for immediate restores in disaster.