Wireless Broadband

WiMAX and 3G

We know how important a reliable internet connection is for us and our customers , which is why we use a multiple award winning ISP such as Zen. However we are always looking for the latest and greatest to provide to our customers. Our latest venture is the use of Wireless Broadband to grantee your internet connection. With the help of a  Vigor 2820 Series ADSL Router Firewall to provide you with your secure office Wireless Network, Point to Point Office VPN's, Home VPN's and Dual Internet Connections it can also failover to a 3G Card! This provides you with up to 3 Points of Failure bringing SLA's near to 100%!

However we won't stop there, a 3G card can provide around 1.8Mpbs. Sometimes this isn't enough even for the last point of failure. This is why we have gone with a new technology called WiMAX. WiMAX is perfect for business' who need that extra redundancy in their networks without the hassle of an extra line. Providing another internet line sometimes isn't enough as usually this line is run from a telephone box near your office and has exactly the same bottlenecks and redundancy issues as your existing internet line. If the cable gets cut by a trusty BT employer, or who knows someone , helps themself to some equipment at the exchange then both lines are gone for up to a day! WiMAX delivers SDSL qualities matching your internet connections speed to up to 10MBs (Full Duplex both ways)!! and keeping your existing ADSLs SLAs! We are pleased to announce this technology is available in the Great London area at the moment , and we are looking to expand further when more masts are up!

Lastly we are pushing a campaign to get people out of their offices to work! There is no excuse now, with remote web workplace , VPN's and Email via a browser all you need is an internet connection, a laptop and a cup of your favorite hot beverage to be back in the office!. With the cheap and easy setup of a 3G dongle at only £5 a month on your laptop or on your desktop if you so wish , you'll never know you've left! If you don't want to shell out that extra money a month duing this crunch, no problem just use your phone as a 3G Modem and leave it in your pocket while your laptop connects to it over bluetooth.