Remote Access via USB Key?

My first question is why!?

Recently I have seen a few products such as Mobiu ,BeAnywhere and PC Fly make it to the market with this "New" concept of accessing your computer remotely from anywhere! Surely this is something Microsoft's Remote Desktop has offered for six years and even more recently LogMeIn Free for Macs as well!!!

The whole buzz around this "New" technology seems to be the security functionality of it all. Having a sim card with a security hash on it storing all your User names and Passwords on. Fine ..... but how many times has I forgotten a USB drive plugged into the back of my computer! I now have my keys on the same keychain to make sure I don't leave the house without it! Most of uses of this device will be in Airports or Internet Cafe's where the pressure is on to get off the computer to catch a flight or pay the bill! Don't worry , Mobiu provides a 2 day turn around for a new keycard , better hope its the weekend!

So if security is the main worry in the current industry about remote access why not copy what banks have been recently doing?! No , not losing money , provide a security Key Chain such as below

This randomly generates a secure ID every 5 minutes which you enter into your Remote Workplace Login as well as your User name and Password ensuring only you with the RSA key tag can login to the server. We have used tools like this before such as the RSA key Fob

Lost RSA fob , no problem let me just remove RSA authentication from your remote login screen until you pick up another one from your office!