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With Nokia Releasing the Free Application "Mail for Exchange" you can now have any of these devices as an Active Sync Mobile , Syncing your Contacts , Mail , Calendar and Notes Wireless' via your Phone with an existing Small Business or just Plain Windows 2003/8 Server!

Supported Mobiles

N95 8GB ,N95,N93i,N93,N92,N91,N90,N81,N80,N77,N76,N73,N72,N71,N70,N-Gage ,QD,N-age





Grab a copy here and if you need any help you know where to find us!

This comes just in the nick of time as Nokia has abandoned its Business Mobility Solution Intellisync ( Compeition for the Blackberry Enterprise Server) it seems , so no need for the headache of managing a Non Supported Intellisync Server , Just use the tools and software you already have to save money this Credit Crunch!