DLP : Data Loss Prevention

Recently I got shown the product Tessian

A nice piece of software that stops the following using clever AI : 

  • Internal parties emailing confidential documents out to themselves or to third parties by mistake
  • Data being passed between internal ethical walls
  • Miss addressed or mistaken emails
    .....with also other customizable filters defined by the customer.

This is a fancy version of the DLP you get with Office 365 with an E3 or E5 License ( but only applies to emails instead of your business Apps suite ) 

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention is especially evermore important now the rules have come in about GDPR

Where companies must now legally report on any EU customer data loss. It's much better to prevent this happening in the first place using restriction rather than report on it later! You can always release emails but you can never bring them back!

Office 365 comes with all the Sensitive information types you need to be wary of leaking:


Its not just Office 365 this comes with, you can actually enforce this with Exchange 2013 SP1 and Upwards

Data Loss Costs

The EU will be handing down fines to companies who do not comply with GDPR on top of that you will need to factor in internal costs to your company

  • Loss of clients due to their data being breached
  • Legal costs to business for insurance claims of loss of earnings
  • Loss to the business if important information such as Client Lists or information gets taken by an ex collegue