BT Iplate

Speed up your Internet with a plugin box - BT Iplate Internet Accelerator

Speed up your broadband by eliminating interference from your extension wiring

Did you know the telephone extension wiring in your house can pick up all sorts of electrical noise and interference from TV's, lights and other everyday electrical equipment? This interference can affect your broadband signal resulting in a slower broadband speed.

"We estimate that around nine million UK homes have the potential to benefit from installing this simple but effective device," BT said.

Try our quick and affordable solution

Help is at hand! BT has developed the I-Plate, a unique filter that helps stop any interference affecting the broadband signal. As long as you have a suitable BT Master socket, (see below) and extension wiring (see below) the I-Plate can help. It's quick and easy to fit with a screwdriver and you don't need to disconnect any wires.

How much could my speed improve by?

In previous tests the I-Plate has been shown to boost line speeds - typically by 1.5Mbps. The actual change will vary from house to house. Although speed improvements are likely, they can't be guaranteed. The improvements in speed will take up to 2 weeks to come through so that line stability is not affected. Even if it doesn't improve the speed the I-Plate can help stabilise your broadband line making it more reliable.

BT I-Plate - Will it work for you?

1. Do you have extension wiring?

Extension wiring is the telephone wiring, usually a small white cable, which often runs along your skirting boards or outside your house. It connects the main socket to any extension sockets you have. It doesn't matter if you use the sockets or not, as long as the wiring is there the I-Plate may help.

2. Do you have a master telephone socket with a horizontal line across the front? The I-Plate is NOT suitable if:
  • your socket has a horizontal line, but also an Openreach logo on it - this socket has an I-Plate filter built in.
  • your socket doesn't have a horizontal line across the front
  • your socket has two connection points - for telephone and DSL

A user here has found an extreme method or manually removing the bell wire all together although we don't recommend this, as it could leave you with a BT Repair Bill

Get yours here now , and see how much faster you can get!