Advanced Security Management

Office 365 - Advanced Security Management

What is it?

Briefly Office 365 Advanced Security Management enables organisations to create Policies based on user activity or predefined, AI detections . Not only can you alert on these , you can also action such detections by suspending the user accounts and alerting 365 administrators. It is also another level to Office 365 Audit Log for storing audit data and getting useful insight on the Office 365 usage in your company.

What tools do I get?

  • Threat detection— Uses AI to algorithms to detect suspicious activities such as below, e.g an Administrator forwarding emails to another party using an unknown IP Address.

  • Enhanced control—You can create policies for specific user group and actions which automatically suspends user accounts due to threats, so in realtime, you can stop intrusions.


Discovery and insights— Deeper insights into user actions that you do not see in the Audit log off office 365 without the need to install software on user machine.

How much is it?

For Business Essentials or Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business Office 365, Enterprise E3 Microsoft or 365 Enterprise E3 its £1.50 / Month / User

For Office 365 Enterprise E5 or Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 it is included in your subscriptions