IT Support for Accountants

IT support is important for many business, but Accountants have a daily need for support with their bespoke and off the shelf products and updates. Some main products we have helped our clients with are

Sage - Sage has updates every year via disk. Not only does this update the client that reads the Sage company files , but it also upgrades the Company Sage Files. This means that each user in the company will need to have their client upgraded as well as each of the company files the Accountants manage. This is not an easy task to perform in-house and can add allot of downtime to users. We do this out of hours where as possible to keep systems up throughout the day and deadlines!

IRIS Exchequer - Used by large companies for Project Costings and Business intelligence , we have rolled this out through Terminal Services Remote App which means a user can access this through an HTTP remote login.

IRIS Payroll - Another product from IRIS , however also used by small to medium companies with their payroll tasks. When it gets down to the end of the months , there will be hell to pay if this isn't running!

Quickbooks - Another popular tool used by Small Business' for invoice management , we have system to make sure that the database gets backed up regularly to multiple locations.

Excel  - The main number crunching / figure analysis tool on the market for most accountants. Most of the time we can train people how to perform specific tasks with their data e.g. Vlookup or just make sure the files they are opening and saving are the correct data type.

HM Revenue & Customs: Employer CD-ROM - The Employer CD-ROM contains most of the guidance you will need to help you run your payroll throughout the year including. This not only provides guidance but can store data which will need to be migrated when a user moves computer

MYOB - Mind your Own Business - An all inclusive package which can manage your accounts as well as a CRM and ERP

Accountants data is precious , especially with the laws stating it is your responsibility to keep your VAT records and details for 6 years. Not only does data have to be archived for this length of  time , but also emails. Thankfully the stress of this is taken away from the user and us , with Microsoft's Hosted Archiving solution.

Most work with accounts is still on Paper Documents , this adds up to storage problems which can be solved by expensive offsite secure storage. However , sometimes this isn't secure enough! Accountants require industrial scanners to batch scan documents and input them into document systems in a standardised format! We have supported numerous scanners/digital senders and document managers.