Office 365 Migration From BPOS and New Subscribers!

So 2012 has been a great start to the year, with a selection of new customers, and getting our existing customers over to Office 365. Office 365 definitely has some major pluses over BPOS such as

  • No single Sign on Utility needed, it work with Outlook's Auto discovery even Out of Office!
  • Microsoft can now be your DNS host making life easier for DNS Management and the setting up of records for Auto discovery and Lynced
  • IMAP import tool , 365 will import all your old emails and folder structure via IMAP ( if you old provider supports it ) which means the only manual copying that needs to be done is Contacts and Calendars
  • Faster Webmail and a full web based outlook
  • Upgradeable to higher tear plans
  • Minimum Seat Count = 1 ( BPOS was 5! )

A few of our existing BPOS clients have already been migrated by Microsoft and the transition smooth. It was as simple as configuring the correct autodiscover DNS records, getting everyone to change their password to sync with 365 and Outlook does the rest! So far all our transitions have been performed over the weekend, so a email goes out to the Friday before transition with the365 webmail link :

As Microsoft Partners we can help you with the transition , so contact us today!