Intergrate your Xero Accounts straight into Power BI

We work with our Local Gold Xero Consultants in Surrey : , in helping move our existings customers accounting Systems to Xero to offload more of their resources to the cloud for better management and mobility.

Most of our customers will now be utilising Office 365 which comes with Power BI so in 5 minutes we can integrate their accounts package into a very powerful reporting tools giving the below

What's included

The content pack dashboard includes tiles and metrics that cover a variety of areas, with corresponding reports to learn more:

Cash in
Cash out
Closing balance by account
Closing balance today

Bank Accounts


Invoiced sales
Invoiced sales by customer
Invoiced sales growth trend
Invoices due
Outstanding receivables
Overdue receivablesCustomer


Billed purchases
Billed purchases by supplier
Billed purchases growth trend
Bills due
Outstanding payables
Overdue payables



Monthly sales amount by product

Profit and loss

Monthly profit and loss
Net profit this fiscal year
Net profit this month
Top expense accountsProfit and Loss

Balance sheet

Total assets
Total liabilities
EquityBalance Sheet


Current ratio
Gross profit percentage
Return on total assets
Total liabilities to equity ratioHealth
Glossary and Technical Notes