Give your employees the tools they need to work so they don't have to burden you...

 A 2014 report, showed more than 80% of employees use non-approved software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications at their jobs. The reason for this and what we find is they are looking for services to make their job easier instead of a service not to do their job. If you find tools that can do all these service in house , it leads to easier management of single apps through the business as well as shared expertise of Company Apps throughout the business

Some examples of this are below

Installation of Dropbox for sending and receiving large files and having a realtime document sharing platform

The old method we see of this is using email to transport documents between third parties to a central store at either end. Dropbox changes the way this happened by bringing a simple to use consumer product which was hosted in the cloud. Methods for companies to leveraging this technology have been to purchase dropbox for business for better auditing and security of files or use One Drive for business which is free on select Office 365 plans to bring the same functionality. Once either of these where setup and training dropbox for home was not being used anymore

Messaging - For communicating to Third parties and internal employees in real time

Again for the above this was used for real-time communication usually matching with the dropbox service for getting immediate group feedback for changes or discussion to file changes. Services being used for this were Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and iMessage. It seemed uses where after a mobile way to always be in communication with their team especially as deadlines got closer. Skype for Business again free with Office 365 plans adds all of the above however enables history tracking into the users Outlook for searching for previous chats and also governance to make sure all communication is audited. It also adds the functionality of Video and Audio calls and mobile worker Phone Services.