IT Support for Retail

Retail organisations such as shops and places that deal directly with the public through a shop front rely on IT Systems for multiple transactions through the day.

These systems are usually:

  • Point of Service Systems for purchases and stock audits

  • Systems for Payments e.g. Credit Card Machines and or systems like Square

  • TimeSheeting Software to check staff in and out for Payroll
  • Site to Site VPN's for shop connectivity to the main office for stock ordering and finance reconciliation and also failsafe options for secondary internet or offline processes if connectivity fails
  • Coupon Validation
  • Systems for Audio and Visual such as background music that is streamed and organised from the head office to all royalties are paid for and managed

Retail organisations also have multiple premises around the country if not world, so an IT provider needs to have engineers around the country available through all hours of the day and also prioritise busy seasons for retail companies e.g. Black Friday and Xmas to make sure any problems are dealt with efficiently and effectively

Retail organisations also need CCTV systems for their premise for security and insurance purposes and these should be stored either in the cloud or at the main office for archival purposes.


Some stores are also now using iPAD's for PoS systems and also giving these out to their customers for the shop experiencing in being able to find new items and also try outfits on virtually.

Free Wifi in stores also enables Stores to gather information about their consumers and start building a Customer Management System for offering offers for repeat business and building analytics to increase return sales.


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