The Cloud is helping us get rid of Software Asset Management

Part of Response IT's duties for our customers is to help with their Software Asset Management and Licenses. Find the most cost effective solution for their needs and make sure this is kept in a way to produce to Software Vendors if ever the need for Audits. One of the benefits from buying software from Us is that this happens automatically for you.

Game Changer ....

Salesforce was a close creator of the vison of Software being a service instead of a product. The solution would be paid for in a subscription which would let you use it and have access to all the future updates instead of a once off purchase. Some people like paying for things outright as they can see the final price , however when things get more expensive due to celeverer functionality, the cost goes up and this doesn't become viable. Some key companies who have followed : 


The whole microsoft license sheme has changed from a direct one purchase now to a monthly per user model, no more software assurance rules like MDOP, VDA, per device. And the upgradability on these licenses are mearly a flick switch so computers can be upgraded to be joined to the domain , and functionaly for 365 Users can be changed by changing their price plan ( per user not for the whole group !) 


They have been on the front runner for this for sometime, and probably due to the cost of their product its been a great welcome. Initial outlays from Adobe Creative Suite where a big hit for one company , and change thing between users where complex and needed software for auditing. Now this is managed in a central dashboard for all the companies products that can be switched around when needed and activated by email straight to the user.



Self Audits and Costings

Employee's sometimes in a rush were forced to buy software and or hardware themselves which would get them up and running however to check if they had purchased the correct version E.g. Home instead of a professional version of Windows to Join to the domain and Audit the purchase for future SAM Adutis and expense the purchase under the right cost center!

Instant meaasurments

Companies can now check their monthly spendature on Software and Software Vendors can see in realtime companies use which means auditing can be done efficently without SAM Consultants or Software

No Wastage

As instant measurements are so easy , licenses can be re-assigned in realtime making sure no license is doubly users and users who have left the firm do not leave with it on their personal device


All in all , this helps everyone , simplier equals easier to manage which reduces the overall costs ! Microsoft are even stopping SAM