The next tech is here - Hyper-Convergence

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI, also called a hyper-converged integrated system. HCIS) refers to integrating virtualization of storage, computing and networking in a data center into a single appliance.

Why is the industry moving towards this?

Compatibilty out the box : Storage, Networking and Computing providers have come together with their products to offer something out the box that has been thoroughly tested together. No more searching three providers on compatibility when updating a single firmware for a device.

Support ; Single point of support for all of your hardware 

Management : Again single management interface for all your virtulised hardware

Faster setup : You can have new infrastructure setup to expand your ERP system or increase your VDI seat count in less than one hour!

There are multiple hyper converged providers at the moment , but we've had great Demo experience with HP's solution per below


Companies will tend to expand on their existing infrastructure due to their already inhouse expertise on existing technologies and human nature of staying the same however this can unnecessary increase costs and manageability by not looking at all solutions at the time of expansion.