Future of PC Mobile - The HP's Elite x3 and PC in your Pocket

At Response IT we have customers who currently use the latest Microsoft Surface Tablets to enable themselves to have light weight full PC Desktop on the move. The surface can stream directly to projectors over a wireless display adapter which is great for sales meetings as well as having a touch screen for on the move and enough grunt to be docked into the office to give you back the full accessibility of a keyboard and mouse for your normal work.

We are always looking into the latest and greatest technology at Response IT so we got our hands on a HP's Elite x3 phone which currently retail cheaper then an iPhone at around 700 GBP running Windows 10 OS. This device comes with Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 2TB using microSD. You can Dock your phone into the docking station and it will give you a Desktop Streamed to your Screen , Keyboard and Mouse all from your phone! No need for 3 devices , this is a PC , Phone and Tablet in one!

The operating System is nicknamed RedStone and a new release ( 2 ) will be come out soon ( March 2017 ) with even more rich features to get this as close as possible to your existing Windows 10 Setup.