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The I-phone, Blackberry and Nokia's Enterprise Range for Small Business

Friday, October 17th, 2008


There are two main Smart phones I see in the industry today, which I see are must have tools for people on move, with Virtualized Blackberry Enterprise Server , Hosted Blackberry Internet Server and Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 both of these devices can provide you with :

    - On demand Synchronisation with your Outlook – Calendar, Contacts, and Emails
    - GPS Navigation
    - Custom Applications Such as Instant Messaging , Web Browsing and VPN
    - Remote Wiping features to removing sensitive information when your phone is lost or stolen
    - QWERTY intelligent Keyboards to save time articulating messages
    - Inbuilt Camera for Video Conferencing
    - Use your phone like a portable memory stick

This helps you utilise valubale time when travelling or in another location to still be in contact with your office and in control.

Response IT Phone

Response IT Phone

Here in the office we all have Nokia E51′s which are a great simple devices with the mostly the same functionality as above however there are some key features I would miss moving from my Nokia

    - Integrate TomTom with the Symbian S60 OS ( Using External GPS reciever in Car to save battery )
    - Downloadable Add On “Mail for Exchange”
    - Connect to your Phone Via Bluetooth and utilise 3G to have internet anywhere with your laptop
    - Integration with Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite
    - Picture Sending through Text Message
    - Nokia’s PC Suite to Send Text Message through your phone via your computer

With Google and T-Mobile partnering now to introduce the Android Open Source phone , it will be interesting to see what the open source community have eyed up for development of this device in regards to competing with the above popular services and hopefully beating them!